I am a deep nature educator, wilderness guide, mentor, facilitator, program designer and educator passionate about fostering peace and justice in this world. In this current go-around, my work is to design and facilitate experiences that support people of all ages in transforming the world through their own transformation.  With professional experience in international education and wilderness immersion, and reinforced by personal experience and apprenticeship in both Western and Eastern spiritual and psychological traditions, I support a deepening into one’s relationship with Self, Others and Nature by exposing students to new perspectives and offering various skills and pathways for social-emotional learning .  With a M.A. in Peace and Justice Studies and a focus in Development Studies, I am always encouraging students to explore and examine the assumptions underlying their beliefs and push them to identify for themselves what ‘the good life’ might be.  I am a graduate of Wilderness Reflections’ Somatic Ecopsychology and Wilderness Quest Training, and incorporate Nature’s wisdom with traditions from other corners of the world to support the re-tuning to our own inherent wisdom. I am also a certified Wilderness First Responder. Y hablo espanol!

A word on identity:

As well as the above-mentioned education, titles, trainings and accomplishments, I have also found it important to name my not-so-earned identities in an effort to own my privilege, be transparent about some of my potential blind spots, and create more safety for folks from different backgrounds that might wish to participate in some of my offerings. In this vain, I am also a mixed-ethnicity Hispanic/Jewish, pretty-much white-skinned, heterosexual, cis-gender man. I am blessed to have full use of all my physical faculties and to have grown up with abundant access to quality education, safe neighborhoods, and beautiful open space. Though I was born in Marin County, I recognize that my life here sits firmly on a dark history of colonization and oppression of the First Peoples (most specifically the Coast Miwok here in Marin) that live(d) on and tend(ed) these lands. Though I have much to learn in being an ally for the oppressed and suffering, my work in the world is first and foremost dedicated to peace and justice. In both the human and non-human world, this means healing myself so that I may be in right relationship with all around me, doing what I can to right the historical and current wrongs, encouraging a world of equity and equality for all living beings, and nurturing resilience through diversity.