There’s many roles a mentor plays. It may feels at times like a parent, teacher, or coach, but I am none of these. Perhaps you can think of me as a trusted, older friend.  Compassionate yet objectively reflective.  Supporting growth and metamorphosis into your best self with nurturing guidance into the challenging edges of your life, giving you the tools to eventually go there on your own.  

Different than a therapist, I am honest in sharing my own life experiences so that you know you are not alone in what you're going through. I embrace the teachings of those that have come before me, specifically rooted in Yoga/Buddha Dharma and Depth/Eco-Psychology.  I let Nature be our ultimate teacher.  I let you lead.


Harnessing the wisdom of those that have come before us

Though new generations face unique circumstances, our challenges are only new iterations of old patterns.  People have grappled with the same questions throughout human history - let's use the wisdom of tradition to learn how to navigate through this life.  I embrace the wisdom of both ancient and modern world-wide teachers and traditions, from poetry to philosophy to spirituality rooted in both Eastern and Western traditions, and apply this wisdom to our current challenges to find resilience and meaning.


accessing your inner wisdom

I'll be by your side, or fully supporting you from behind.  I won't give you answers, but I'll show you tools I've found helpful as I've explored my own questions. Expect questions, and then some more questions.  The guidance you seek is already within you.  I'll help point you to it, challenging you when needed, and supporting you compassionately through it all. 


nature as our Teacher

Everywhere we turn to in Nature, we see Intelligent Design.  Even in the face of destruction, Nature shows signs of resilience.   She also is a Mirror, and shows us exactly what we need to see, when we need to see it.  Your questions have answers and your struggles have a home.  Learn how Nature can show you what you seek.