Why re-membering?

There was a time when all humans lived an existence in deep relationship with the Earth. Outside of all romantic notions of what this looked like, there was at the minimum a co-dependency with the land to survive. It was at times easy and joyful - as during the celebration of a rich harvest - and at times hard - having to endure a harsh winter or drought. We descendants of those who lived On and With the land have this knowing deep in our bones. My goal is to help us find this knowing within, and through this, to come to re-member what it means to be a fully alive and connected human being on this Earth. With this remembering, we can sink more peacefully into Life, with all its ups and downs, knowing that we are held deeply within a greater process and belong to something that is always there holding us, giving to us and nurturing our lives.

It’s not that easy to remember, however. We’ve become quite accustomed to our ‘comfort’. Whether its the bugs, the dirt, the elements, or something else, there are a multitude of things that keep us inside, away from the things that we fear. The four steps outlined below provide a process for us to re-member our place here. You can enter at any stage, depending on where you currently find yourself.

As a wilderness guide, I’ve worked with people at all stages: from those worried about getting dirty to those willing to fast on the mountain and pray for a vision. I’ll meet you where you’re at and guide you the rest of the way.


Step 1: Get Stoked

The first step to re-membering is to get outside, put yourself in the presence of this greater Nature. One good way to do this is to do what stokes you - watch a sunset, walk through a grove of towering Redwoods, catch a wave, kayak the seas, hike to the top of a peak.

Whatever your particular access point might be, there is no doubt something you are comfortable with that would bring you outside. Let’s start there.

Let me help you find your stoke.


Step 2: Introductions

After being in the presence of someone, how do we deepen that relationship?: by getting to know that person - Learn their name; learn what they do; learn where they live, what their family’s like.

This next step is for those that are ready to deepen their relationship with Nature by taking the time to get to know Her. What are the names of these beings around us? Why do we find certain plants growing in the same place? What role does each being serve in their particular ecosystem?

I’m here to introduce you to these friends of ours. Let’s learn together.


Step 3: Take It Further

We develop the closest relationships with those in our life that we have consistent contact with and ultimately come to depend on for one reason or another - whether that be for love, fun, or work. Same goes with Nature.

For millions of years, humans came into relationship with Nature through our co-dependency with Her. We learned about the beings around us because they provided us with shelter, food, security, and opportunities to create art and culture.

In this next step, we deepen relationship with Nature by exploring differing ways to relate to her: ancestral skills, permaculture, tending the wild, and Art and Song.

Let’s create a healthy co-dependence.


Step 4: Coming Home

Humans evolved with a deep attunement to the natural world - we are, actually, Nature as well. Despite the ability of our current way of living to detach us from the very thing that provides us Life, we can not escape from the fact that the natural world of this Earth is our ultimate home in this physical world.

In this final step of re-membering, we explore ways to connect with this Home of ours in the deepest of ways. Through intentional experience with Land, including single and multi-day solo and community quest, we can learn to attune back to the inherent rhythms found in Nature, and can come to remember what we already know deeply inside: that we are “not a troubled guest on this Earth, … are not an accident amidst other accidents”, as David Whyte puts it. We Belong. And we can add beauty to this magical Earth of ours.

Let me guide you into Re-Memberance.

Let’s start planning your journey of Re-Membering…