teaching philosophy ~ Pedagogy:

  • I believe there is one Absolute Truth, and we all hold different pieces of it.

  • Learning involves a triangular relationship between student, teacher, and material.

  • One of my tasks, as teacher, is to try to limit the inherent ‘power’ in that role, in the way I design a classroom, a lesson, or hold space.

  • Together, through dialogue, the diversity of voices from people of different backgrounds with different life experiences can bring us closer to this Truth.

My Role

  • Despite what my graduate degree might claim, I do not claim to be a master of anything, only a guide - I have only walked down a particular path for a particular period of time. Imagine a guide who takes people out on the land - I do not claim to know all the secrets of the Universe, but am happy to point you to those things that I have learned and experienced that might be of service in your own journey. In this way, I offer back my learning journey to those who are open and willing.

  • As a guide, my role is to bring stimuli, and hopefully, new and unbiased ways of looking at something, and to create a brave container that is safe for all to participate and learn in.

  • My teachings are my particular infusion of a multitude of ideas and philosophies, and rest firmly on the caring and hard work of so many teachers that have come before me, both living and deceased. I am grateful and indebted to these guides who have paved the way before me, and in no way claim to be a master of their teachings, only to have walked their path for some time. During the various workshops I offer, I will do my best to give tribute to, with honor and gratitude, the teachers on whose work my own offerings rest.